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Eye Doctor's Optical Outlet Comments

mjane says: (5 years ago)
My problem is that the film for the glare guard is totally separating from the lens. It first started "peeling" in the corner of the len and is now spreading across the lens, making the glasses a nightmare to wear. I called when I finally figured out what was happening and spoke with the manager at the 227 Brandon Town Center, Brandon, Fl office. Spoke with an employee first, no help, asked to speak with Manager, person was not happy but I did manage to speak with the Manager, I think, did'nt sound like a manager, but said she was... Explained the situation and was told this is a problem she is well aware of and then given a whole list of ailments that they, the company, has gone through with their suppler with this problem....bottow line...forget your problem...no guarantee on glasses, no warranty, not their problem. Refused to assist with the issue even though they admit they are fully aware of the problem and know that the problem exists and I will never recommend this company for anything except the Better Business Bureau for incompetence and lack of professionalism and customer service!!!

JohnP says: (5 years ago)
Fort Myers, FL location

I brought my Daughter here to get her eye exam and a new pair of glasses on Saturday 5/10/14, after a big debate over them not being able to find her insurance, I unwisely said I would pay for them out of pocket. I will get back to that in a minute though.

When it was her turn to go in, the doctor stood at the back of the room and mumbled something, neither of us could understand what he was trying to say until he said her name a 3rd time, when she walked over to him he began to snap at her about why she didn't answer him, now I was figuring that since the exam was under $50 that I could excuse some poor manners if I must. In what was to be my next bonehead move, I let her go back by herself, she's a teenager, and here and again it's nice to let them do stuff on their own. Within a couple minutes Dr. mumbles was back out motioning me back. So I went back and witnessed his roughshod patient care, in which he snapped at my daughter repeatedly, and kept cutting her off before she could answer. I might mention she is in tears by this point, I am simply shocked. Finally, he writes her a prescription, and sends us back out front.

When we get out front, the "specials" they advertise online, of course don't apply to her glasses, and the doctor says she needs special lenses and transitions coating, and every expensive thing they can throw at it, I can't afford this, so I tell them no, I just need a pair of frames and plastic lenses for now, so she can see, and I'll work on the rest as I can. Well before it's all said and done the bill comes out to $204, which is reasonable, I'm not going to lie, but after I paid, and got outside I saw they snuck in an $89 anti glare coating that I was pretty sure I declined.

Then, on the way home, she tells me that before I got in to the room, the doctor asked her if she was retarded, because she wasn't answering him quickly enough.

If I had not witnessed, the doctor's behavior first hand, I would blow this off as an exaggeration, but I am inclined to believe her at this point, and I am simply outraged.

I called back, the manager has of course, gone home and they claim she doesn't work at all after she's left on Saturday, and I'd have to wait till Tuesday, so of course, as an outraged client, I demand she's contacted and something be done, at the very least about the extra charges on the glasses that we didn't want. They offered me store credit to cancel the whole works, which I declined and requested an actual refund as I don't plan to ever use their services again. Supposedly I will be getting a refund for the glasses, but not the exam, which is fantastic considering they didn't even give me the prescription so I could buy glasses elsewhere.

I'm still not sure what to do about the Doctor, his actions as simply unacceptable. He shouldn't be allowed to deal with underage patients if he lacks the patience to do so.

Andy1970 says: (5 years ago)
Worst experience that I have had at a vision center. Sales associates as well as "doctors" all need a refresher cousre in customer service. The enitre experience from signing in to leaving the center took less than 15 min in total. This is not an exaggeration, I not even sure that I was even given a prescription I was told by the sales associated they were issued by request only. I have been attempting to reach the regional manager to express my concerns, but after three days of trying still no reposnse.

Beautiful18243 says: (6 years ago)
I would never go back to Optical Outlet by the florida mall... The ladies that work there are very RUDE!!! I take my daughter to have her year eye exmas and she pick out her glasses witch I had done it the year before here and the same mistake happen my daughter pick her glasses and a week later when we went to pick them up it was the wrong color glasses my daughter picked black and white glasses and she got brown inted... same thing happen last year!!!! So.. I told her... I show her my receipt and she didnt even looked at it she said we never had that color... Maybe u tryed so many glasses on the day that u can't even remenber what u picked! On top of that they change the store displaid.... So Im really mad... They are RUDE!!! And told me that if I didnt like the glasses, all well!!! So... u can take the glasses and leave!!!! WoW!!!! Really!!! And they had customers there hearing them being RUDE!!!! I WON'T GO BACK!!! :(

robabbs69 says: (7 years ago)
I have been waiting for Ms. Gonzalez to call me or my wife back for 10 days so dont believe her claims that she will call back same day.the Port Richey mall location is horrible STAY away!you will get much less than you pay for

robabbs69 says: (7 years ago)
The gulfview mall in Port Richey has terrible people. They put charges on fraudulently after My eye exam and couldnt see until hours later,I noticed and they did the run around.eventual refund but got glasses and they were terribly installed with 1 lense sticking out,I returned them and they let them sit for 2 weeks and lied about options and finally told us to pick up glasses as they couldnt fix them,have questions about exam results as well.liars,scammers and just inept!!! stay away!

fraudwarning says: (8 years ago)
I have been a customer for 7 years and will NEVER go back. I will warn everyone. I loved my previous Optical Outlets doctor but when I moved I had to change doctors but I still stuck with the same company.... BAD IDEA. Almost $300 later, Im stuck with glasses that I will never use because wrong prescription (horrible headaches when I wear them), and when I went to pick them up they charged me for special things that they never did to my glasses!!!!! I should have known to walk out the moment I walked in since the sales person and Doctor were rude and had improper etiquette in the first place!!!!

DanZman4aPlan says: (8 years ago)
Today I ran into a problem with the Tyrone Square Mall location. I had went into the store on 12/15 with a coupon from 12/5 for an exam, free glasses, and two boxes of B&L Soflens 380 contacts for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. After looking at the FREE glasses, I decided to forgo them. They were really outdated and cheap. As for the rebate form, it was to be given to me at the time that I received the boxes of contacts. However, when I picked up the contacts today 12/30, the two store workers acted as if they had never heard of such a thing as a $50 rebate form. Their answer was that I would have to wait to speak with their manager next week. When I tried to get the number for the HQ, I ran into a problem. They didn't know the number. The number was found by me when I returned to work and investigated the company on the Internet. However, calling the HQ didn't help as there is no customer service and the district manager was not available. I could leave a voice message. At some point I received a call from a restricted number, which I do not answer. I checked the voice mail and found that the district manager Coleen had left me a message that I could go back to the store and get the $30 rebate form or they could mail it to me, but she didn't leave a number for me to return her call. At this point I am not interested in taking another hour out of my work day to go retrieve something that I should have received in the first place. Mailing would be okay, but the form was emailed to the store. They could have emailed it straight to me. But noooooo....... The store clerk said that she did not have outside email access. That makes no sense. If she received an email, she can send one. Anyway, I gave her my email and told her to have Coleen email the $30 rebate to me. Not only did they fumble this opportunity and try to mislead me, the Optician Elliot Cosenza prescribed bifocals for me and didn't even talk to me about that little fact. Additionally, was unfriendly and took a personal call where he argued with his wife while I was in the exam room with him. This will be the last time that I go to the Eye Doctor's Optical Outlet. They attempted to stiff me on $30 and had an unprofessional Optician working in their office. This doesn't make for good business.

Schedar21 says: (8 years ago)
I work for Eye Doctor's Optical Outlets and I am sorry to hear about your experience. I apologize for the inconvenience and would love to hear from you. You didn't list the store you visited and that would also be extremely helpful. We will be looking at all the reviews posted and will go back into the Stores and use them as learning tools so that we can better our company as well as our customer Service. My name is Schedar Gonzalez, I am one of the Area Managers for the Tampa and Brandon locations. You can reach me at (813)971-0471, if I am not available at that location they will definitely tell you where I am that day and I will personally call you back and see what I can do to make your experience with us a better one. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your input and have a great day!!!!


Schedar Gonzalez

UnhappyCustomer81 says: (8 years ago)
I will never go back to get my glasses from Eye Doctor's Outlet ever again.. I bought a 160.00 pair of glasses, which I thought would hold up as I see so many people going to this place, but I have only had them for a week total, and the ear piece is cracking, and I hate the fact that they don't have the exchange service most places do, if you are not 100% satisfied with your eye glasses they will replace them for free? HAHAHA oh wow from this place your never see that, you gotta pay even more money to exchange them!!! The ladies that work there are RUDE, and act like it is a pain for them to help you when u want them to adjust anything, or help u in any way possible. But they will take your money with no questions, but if u want something in return as Oh I don't know a simple adjustment to them, it is so much work for them, and u get the *sigh* and the nasty looks.. I am sorry that you guys are working so hard, talking to each other, that it is wrong for anyone to think about asking for any help.. If you want good lasting eye glasses DO NOT,, I repeat DO NOT go to this place.. Spend it some place that actually has glasses that is worth all the money u spend on them, and do research on the place before u buy.

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