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Eye Doctor's Optical Outlet Reviews

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  • worst $300+ i ever spent

    worst eye exam ever. didn't test for reading for bifocals, didn't test eyes together. dilated pupils and forgot about me. wrong prescription arrived and I tried for 10 days to get used to them. hassled when asking for a recheck. finally got a recheck at another office. glasses mailed to me as I had gone home from vacation glasses arrived with frame broken. have to hold books 8 inches from eyes to read.worst wast of money in my life. so much for the two for $99 promotion. got one pair of clear and one pair with tint and anti-glare. over $300. another man was complaining he... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    coachbob's Picture   coachbob    0 Comments   Comments
  • Eye Doctor's Optical Outlet Naples, FL - Coastland Mall

    I've been going to them for more than 20 years, since before they moved to their current location. I take my 11 year old son to them with me now every two years since he was 8. I love the Dr. and all the staff. They are very helpful and mindful of my budget when shopping frames and add-ons. The products I've purchased for both myself and my son (frames and lenses) have always been good quality and held up for years. I felt compelled to give you my review after seeing so many horrible reviews on this site. Not all offices are the same, perhaps we are very lucky here in... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    debisic's Picture   debisic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Eye Doctor's Optical Outlet on Johns road

    Dr. was rude and ill informed about children vision. He believes that bifocals are for old people and not to help children reduce the progression of myopia. He said that because my nephews glasses prescription has not changed because he has good distance vision. HELLO myopia means he can not see at distance. Also during the exam he said that his glasses were .25 too strong and then went on to say he has no change in his script. He then make me sign his prescription paper as his mother even though he was informed that i was his aunt because I wanted to keep the bifocals and then tells his... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    star1716's Picture   star1716    0 Comments   Comments
  • Optical Outlet Venice

    DO NOT USE THEM!. Customer Service: F Knowledge: F Honesty: F It took over 3wks. to get my new glasses, not the 1 or 1 1/2 they promised. When I called to check if they were in after 3 weeks, they said yes. I went in and they were not there. The staffer picked up the phone and went into the back ( hmm?) to check on them. Returned and said if they pass inspection they'd be sent out the next day. When I asked why I was told they were in, she said it was a phone service that took my call. I left the store and stood out front and made the same call, asking if they were in the store or a... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Optical Outlet glasses are terribly wrong

    After two tries I have glasses that are totally wrong and if I put them on I feel like I will fall down. I was told by sarcastic help only interested in selling me more expensive products that I have eye problems. It's not true but if that's the case they shouldn't have sold me glasses at all. my old glasses work fine and don't make me sick when I put them on. This place is only interested in screwing the public for as much as they can get. They run ads for cheap glasses then give you a high pressure sales pitch to buy things you don't need. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    phoward9's Picture   phoward9    2 Comments   Comments

    The gulfview mall location in Port Richey is horrible. 1st after eye exam and dilation I was overcharged because I couldnt see invoice for hours after.that was resloved after a while but still not happy about attemtedover charge. Then glasses came in and thet were installed with 1 perfect lense and 1 lens sticking out almst 1/4 inch,returned glasses and they said they would investigate.that came to letting it sit fot 10 days and not calling me back,I called and was given options of get glasses and $49 refund or buy their glasses or they can send them back to lab to see if they can fix it... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    robabbs69's Picture   robabbs69    1 Comments   Comments
  • Eye Glasses

    I will never go back to get my glasses from Eye Doctor's Outlet ever again.. I bought a 160.00 pair of glasses, which I thought would hold up as I see so many people going to this place, but I have only had them for a week total, and the ear piece is cracking, and I hate the fact that they don't have the exchange service most places do, if you are not 100% satisfied with your eye glasses they will replace them for free? HAHAHA oh wow from this place your never see that, you gotta pay even more money to exchange them!!! The ladies that work there are RUDE, and act like it is a pain... More...
  • glasses.

    I had been an 8 year customer. Defective anti-glare coating started to smear in one of two bifocal pair within two months of purchase. The person in charge at the Oviedo, Fl. outlet informed me that nothing could be done about it and the film could not be removed so that at least I could have use of the glasses. The Optical Outlet just lost a customer. More...
    Elias's Picture   Elias    0 Comments   Comments
  • Optical Outlets contact lens exam

    Here is my experience at Optical Outlets in the Seminole Town Center Mall in Sanford, Florida. Absolutely horrendous customer service experience (quite possibly the worst I've ever had). I had an exam at Optical Outlets and the prescription the doctor prescribed was different than the one I had last year, which was done at a different eye doctor office (-1.0 at Optical Outlets vs. -1.25 at other place the year before). As soon as I walked out I noticed that my vision was not as clear as with the earlier prescription. But I thought it was maybe that I just had to get used to it. Then I... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    mwood98's Picture   mwood98    1 Comments   Comments


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